Hey everyone! I am looking for someone to help us run the blog!

All of us have just been extremely busy lately, and haven’t had the time to publish the confessions as quickly as i’d like them to be.

If you’re interested, message us (off annon of course) and tell us a little about yourself, why you want to be apart of confessaway, and your age, name, as well as state you live in.

Looking forward to speaking with some of you guys!


2821. Being an art student is hard and I don’t think I’m good enough to graduate as one.

2820. I have a friend who always admitted he liked me but I kept him in the friendzone. Now we’re best friends, but he has a girl friend that he really likes (probably loves), and I’m happy for him but the problem is, I think I’m starting to fall for him..

2819. I always like the type of girls that don’t like me like that.. im tired of seeing couples while I’ve been single for some time

2818. Im about to be a 22 yr old virgin, im a guy so you know how important sex is to us, every time a guy talks to me bout sex I just smile and nod.. honestly im ashamed of this

2817. I have the biggest crush on a married, church-going woman I work with. No one there knows I’m gay, and I’m afraid she would hate me if she even knew I liked girls at all.

2816. So um the other day I had sex with my fuck buddy’s drug dealer, who I think now has feelings for me, and I have feelings for someone else entirely, I don’t know what to do ah :///

2815. My friends’ kids make me not want to have kids anymore… :/

2814. I’ve never cheated on any of my past boyfriends, but I’m currently with the one I’m with now. I feel bad about it, but the same time I don’t care ‘cause he cheated on me too :(

2813. You may get me in every level as a person, but you will never understand that I live for romance. The cute, sweet, cheesy, affection love that makes my heart beat… You will never understand…

2812. I told my parents I was getting better but that was a complete lie. I’m getting worse everyday.

2811. I think I’m falling in love with my best friend but it’s hard knowing that I’m not his type and that he’d never go for me.

2810. I feel sick all the time, I’m starting to notice my body getting bigger and bigger… I’m shopping in plus size clothing permenatly now… I can’t do this anymore. I just feel so sick. It’s becoming too much for me to handle.

2809. I sliced my entire leg up with self harm cuts and now I don’t know how to hide them for the summer

2808. Even after all this shit and after being used by you, I would still give you my virginity.