2814. I’ve never cheated on any of my past boyfriends, but I’m currently with the one I’m with now. I feel bad about it, but the same time I don’t care ‘cause he cheated on me too :(

2813. You may get me in every level as a person, but you will never understand that I live for romance. The cute, sweet, cheesy, affection love that makes my heart beat… You will never understand…

2812. I told my parents I was getting better but that was a complete lie. I’m getting worse everyday.

2811. I think I’m falling in love with my best friend but it’s hard knowing that I’m not his type and that he’d never go for me.

2810. I feel sick all the time, I’m starting to notice my body getting bigger and bigger… I’m shopping in plus size clothing permenatly now… I can’t do this anymore. I just feel so sick. It’s becoming too much for me to handle.

2809. I sliced my entire leg up with self harm cuts and now I don’t know how to hide them for the summer

2808. Even after all this shit and after being used by you, I would still give you my virginity.

2807. I’m gaining all the weight back and I feel like a failure. This is getting too hard for me

2806. I’m finally starting to do better. My life is the same as ever, but with one key difference. I’ve learned to appreciate things a little more. My depression is at an all time low and I’m in better spirits. If anyone else is struggling, I promise you, it will get better, just fight the good fight. I know that you all can pull through.

2805. I’m thinking of killing myself this monday. My life isn’t even that bad, I would just rather die than deal with everything.

2804. I’m sorry. I really am. I know you blame yourself and don’t know how to deal with our relationship. I wanted to be your friend. I really did .And I know you wanted to be my friend but we fucked up. I let it happen because I liked you. I let you take advantage of me. I should have been honest and told you how I felt. I shouldn’t have craved attention like that. I’m sorry and I wish things could go back to the way they were and maybe I would have even had a chance. And now I’m hurt and trying to move on.

2803. my depression is coming back and its getting worse and I’m scared

2802. It took too long to reach where I am now. It took too many nights of crying, of heartbreak, to be ok with you no longer being in my life. Now, I’m doing better than I ever did. I still care about you, but I don’t want you back anymore. You wished me happiness, I wish you wisdom. The disappointment you left behind has helped in growing up. Wherever you are, Mercedes, please start being wiser. You have too much to lose if you don’t. Goodbye.

2801. I need to see you so badly it’s literally killing me.

2800. there are so many amazing things happening around me but i can’t find the energy to get out of bed