2798. i had a three way with two really hot guys that i’m new friends with. and it was super hot but i’m conflicted because i’d never done anything like that before and idk man. i feel weird.

2797. I just searched why I have sore purple-ish breast… and there’s two reasons… I could have cancer or be pregnant… and I’m trying to get pregnant so… Should I be freaking out?

2796. I don’t respect mothers who go out and party all the time and act like sluts to get attention… Like grow up, stay home, and take care of your kids.

2795. So I just found out (on my own) that my ex-boyfriends’ girlfriend just had her baby, turned out to be a girl. I am so happy for him I am. I don’t feel mad or upset… I’m just happy he can have what I couldn’t give him.

2794. I miss my ex-boyfriend and my former guy best friend so much… I miss the life I had when they were around but I wouldn’t wanna go through the emotional stress… They fought over me so much but I still love them today… ): I love you T&T ♡

2793. I wish I was 218lbs again ): that was my most confident size ): I was able to fit in all 16 size jeans.. and large sized clothing… Now I’m super fat fitting 1x 2x 18-20 clothes…

2792. I have done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment from you. You are acting like a child and we are about to graduate.

2791. I’ve been in a very long relationship. However, 3/4 of it has been a downhill battle. It doesn’t even feel like a relationship anymore. I have felt lost, alone, and afraid. But I’ve met someone. Quite possibly the one most people search for. We have amazing conversations, and I’m highly attracted to his beauty inside and he’s so adorable on the outside. I feel bad cause I’ve known the end of the relationship has been a long time in the coming, but I’m ready to move on.

2790. Been awhile since we stopped talking again. Can’t say I like it, but you decided. I don’t hold you back, you do a great job of that with those terrible guys you pick. Also, I miss who you were more than I actually miss you. You’ve changed for the worst & I hate that. I wish you loved me too, but you’re so heartless now. All that said, I still love you, but I’m tired of you letting me down. I hope you find what you’re looking for, Mercedes, I really do. I’m sorry you couldn’t value me the same.

2789. I just tried to throw up and I couldn’t. I’m a failure

2788. I wish my boyfriend had a cuckold fetish sooooo bad. Our sex life has become boring, and I want to fuck my roommate sooo badly, I want him to watch, but I don’t want him to have sex with other girls. I think about his huge dick throbbing against me all the time.

2787. I wish I was good enough for you, and I wish I was good enough for myself

2786. I hope that you’re happy with whoever it is you’re with. He’s probably a douche like the last guy. Either way, I hope that he values you and treats you the way you deserve to be treated, like a princess. I love you, I really do, but your happiness requires that I leave. I’ll always love you, Merci. Please take care, querida.

2785. Once again, I get passed over for someone else. I shouldn’t expect anything different from her, but yet I do. I’ve lost all hope and I keep having moments of suicidal ideation. I should accept that no matter what, I’m a burden.

2784. Confessions 2773&2778 What are the damn odds I’m ovulating on my birthday?! :D March 2nd! Just a couple more days I can’t wait and hopefully something good happens! :D